About Meds2go

Meds2Go is a MedTech company that provides our business partners and patients worldwide with cold chain solutions by designing innovative coolers that store and transport temperature-sensitive medical products safely between 2-8°C.

Our end-to-end smart cooling solutions include real-time monitoring to increase logistic efficiency and give full control.

Home storage & mobility

Our solution for patients is the Cool-One, a portable mini fridge that stores temperature-sensitive medication between 2-8°C for 24 hours.

On the display and in the app you can check whether your medication is being stored at the correct temperature.

This way you can be sure that your medication is safe and will keep its effectiveness.

So you can use your medication anywhere, anytime!

Cold chain logistics

Our solution for companies, links cooling devices with a secure data cloud. Temperature, location and opening of the cooler are monitored and used to optimize logistics efficiency and reduce overall cold chain costs.

The Meds2Go coolers increase efficiency.
On request, we can adjust for size, weight, and cooling time.

So you can transport & store medication anywhere, anytime!