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Third party logistics and pharmaceutical wholesalers look for efficient and cost saving ways to deliver cooled medication to the patient.

Our end-to-end coolers improve handling efficiency, while reducing the risk of wastage.

Hospitals & Pharmacies

Hospitals & pharmacies often deliver cooled medication to patients or between locations and they need a safe and secure way to deliver.

Our end-to-end coolers offer long lasting cooling capacity while constantly monitoring the conditions of the valuable content.

Clinical trials

In clinical trials, all drugs and medical samples get special handling including high levels of temperature assurance in order to resemble a controlled environment.

Our hard-shell coolers will prevent temperature excursions and make sure that shipments are fit for two-way transit.


Vaccination programs often need to go to remote and hard-to-reach places.

Many vaccines don't make it to the site of usage.

Our long lasting coolers include real-time monitoring to safely deliver the vaccines to remote places.