Meds²Go develops innovative cooling containers for individual use for people that are dependent on temperature sensitive medication. By providing a longer cooling time than current solutions (without recharging the cooling system) and measuring the temperature, the Meds²Go container gives freedom and security to, mostly chronic, patients.

Cooling container

The Meds²Go cooling container is lightweight, small and easy to use. Our first container guarantees a temperature between 2 and 8 °C for a minimum of 24 hours, without recharging, with an outside temperature of 36 °C. The end-user/the patient is central en they will be actively involved with the development of our products. The launch of the first Meds²Go container is planned on December 1 2018.


  • Freedom
  • Security
  • Improve therapy compliance
  • Be in charge
  • Constant temperature of the medicine
  • Reduce stigmatisation
  • Cost reduction, reduce spilling
  • Improve health care
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The Meds²Go Community

The goal of the Meds²Go community is to bring together different stakeholders, such as healthcare professionals, researchers en experience experts. Together we can solve the problems that are associated with traveling with temperature sensitive medication. Are you curious about the Meds²Go Community? Then check the website or sign up for the two-monthly newsletter.

Healthcare professionals

Doctors, (specialist) nurses, pharmacists and all other professionals share your experiences or ask your question about therapy with temperature sensitive drugs.

Patient Associations

Many groups of patients use temperature sensitive drugs. Each group and each individual has other problems and / or wishes. Together we can ensure that the patient's perspective remains the main focus.

Experience experts

At Meds²Go we attach great value great value to your experiences as a user of temperature sensitive medication. Based on your knowledge and experience we will develop cooling containers that suit your needs. Would you like more information and/or become an experience expert? Then have a look at the experience expert page of Meds²Go.

Working with Meds²Go

Meds²Go is always looking for partners to get the best product on the market as soon as possible. Pharmacies, hospitals and patient groups, that deal with cold medication, are invited to contact us. This also applies to knowledge institutions and companies dealing with cooling techniques and materials, medicine (-transport) or other related matters.


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