Meds²Go develops innovative cooling containers for people who use temperature-sensitive medicines. Our focus is on the group of medicines that must be kept between 2 and 8 ° C, but our container is also suitable for medicines with less stringent storage requirements. By extending the travel time (without charging) and measuring the temperature, the container gives a lot of freedom and certainty back to people, often with a chronic illness.
Our first container guarantees a temperature between 2 and 8 ° C for at least 24 hours. The end user / patient is central and actively involved in the development phase of our products. The Meds²Go cool container is light in weight, small and easy to use. The market introduction is planned in Q3 of 2020

Benefits of the cooling container

  • Freedom
  • Security
  • Improve therapy compliance
  • Be in charge
  • Constant temperature
  • Reduce stigmatisation
  • Cost reduction, reduce spilling
  • Improve healthcare

Solutions for the Cold Chain of Medicine

The Meds²Go technology is relevant for other applications. We like to work together with professionals to improve their medicine Cold Chain.

Three examples of solutions we are currently working on:

• Providing products/solutions for sending medication from the pharmacy to the patients.
• Providing extra information/data about therapy compliance and medicine usage for patients and doctors.
• Providing products for sending larger batches of medication.The cooling of medication is a worldwide problem and is high on the agenda of the World Health Organization (WHO). The necessity and urgency for solutions, especially in ‘the last mile’ of the cold chain is well recognized.
• Providing secure ways for temperature sensitive medication, such as vaccinations, to hard-to-reach destinations.

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